Money Managers

The Money Manager Program was specifically designed for industry experts that would like to manage other customer’s accounts with one trading terminal for the range of accounts.

Our Multi-Account Manager (MAM) technology gives you the opportunity to manage a group of accounts from one master account inside our trading terminal. This makes it very easy to manage multiple accounts since each investor sees only their own profits within the group. This solution is ideal for fund managers and institutional customers that need to trade large amounts of money from many different customers.

Inquire about opening a Wenn Markets MAM to start managing your client’s funds. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need.

Additional Benefits
Expert Advisors (EA) allowed
No limit on the amount the accounts that can be traded
Different allocation systems: Lots, Equity, and Customized
Back office tools to see the behavior of each investor account
Lots, Mini Lots and Micro Lots can be traded
Ability to set risk parameters for each of the accounts