CFD's, or contracts for difference, are financial contracts between two traders that expect opposite movement on a specific asset. The contracts specify a given price for the asset given the opening position for both traders. Once the contract is open, general market movements will affect the contract until the position is closed, providing a difference from the opening price. If the difference is positive, then the buyer will receive money from the seller. If the difference is negative, the seller will receive money from the buyer.

This financial derivative can be applied to any asset in the financial markets, which provides many more financial instruments to trade and gives traders new options to diversify their positions in the markets.

The most common CFD’s are structured around stock indices and commodities. At Wenn Markets, we provide a wide range of CFD’s for you to choose from.

Description Symbol Spread (points)
FTSE 100 4.02
SP/ASX 200 5.02
Nikkei 225 7.02
DAX 30 4.02
Ibex 35 8.02
Euro Stoxx 50 4.02
Swiss Market index 5.02
CAC 40 4.02
Hang Seng 12.02
FTSE MIB 17.02
Nasdaq 3.02
S&P 500 2.52
Dow Jones 4.02
Brent Oil 5.02
WTI Oil 5.52