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Binary Options are an innovative financial instrument that investors of all skill levels can use to trade in the markets quickly and easily.

You only need to make four choices to trade binary options:

  1. The instrument in which you’d like to invest
  2. The amount you’d like to invest
  3. How long the investment will last
  4. Which direction the market will move during that investment

First, you’ll select the financial instrument which will carry your investment in our trading platform. Wenn Markets offers a variety of instruments, like currencies, indices, and commodities.

After selecting the instrument, you’ll choose the amount to invest and the length of time for the option to remain open. You can choose between 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or longer. Once the selected time expires, then the transaction will be closed.

Finally, you’ll make the most important decision: CALL or PUT, once the time expires and the transaction is closed, will the price of the selected instrument will be higher or lower than the opening price?

If you are correct in your prediction, then you will receive a monetary reward for your investment. If not, you will lose the invested amount.

The Binary Account is the best choice for traders that prefer simple and fast investment vehicles. With our Binary Account, you’ll be able to make money by choosing if the markets will go up or down in a specific time interval. The simplicity of this trading style is a great choice for trend traders that are looking to maximize their returns on downside or upside trends.

Get into the world of financial trading in a simple way and learn how to grow your capital by taking advantage of the market’s movements. Trading has never been easier.

Binary options
Easy to trade through our WebTrader
Excellent customer service
Fast execution
Market research and financial news
Different timeframe options
Start trading with $10.00
Safe and reliable trading
No spreads
More than 50 currencies to trade
Forex pairs, metals, stock indexes and commodities

A minimum deposit of $100 is required to open an Binary Account.